Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Like most women, you believe your wedding day is the most important day of your life...and understandably, you want everything to be perfect. This pursuit of perfection often comes with so much pressure that many brides cannot wait for the whole process to be over. You don’t want to look back at your special day with regret, wishing you could do it all over again without the stress and anxiety. You want to enjoy your engagement and your wedding day...and our job is to make sure you are able to do so.

A wedding planner saves you time, money, and stress in three main areas:


  • A planner knows the technical aspects of draping, uplighting, and floor plans, which can save you lots of stress and time.
  • A planner will offer creative ways to decorate and ideas on how to personalize your wedding and truly make it yours.
  • A planner knows how to make the most of your design dollars.
  • A planner has decor items available so that you may rent rather than having to purchase wedding items.


  • A planner knows how to maximize your budget, including developing, tracking, and adjusting a realistic budget.
  • A planner holds an extensive venue list including the rates, capacities, and low season discounts for various venues, and can recommend a venue that suits both your style and your budget.
  • A planner has experience dealing with vendors and knows which ones to recommend, the most important questions to ask, and how to compare quotes and negotiate contracts.
  • A planner can anticipate problems and be proactive by taking care of small situations before they become big problems...without a anyone ever knowing there was an issue.


  • A planner is in charge of every single detail of your day - they know what it is supposed to happen, when it is supposed to happen, and where it is supposed to happen.
  • A planner prepares all of your paperwork (aisle order, reception entry order, timeline, floor plan, etc) far in advance.
  • A planner is your point of contact for all vendors.
  • A good planner comes equipped with an emergency kit including tools, beauty supplies, and back up wedding items.

Event planners are most often hired for weddings, but they are also worth considering for your vow renewal, family reunion, anniversary party, or any other social occasion when you want your guests to have a great time, but want to be able to enjoy it as well. A wedding planner’s responsibility is to take care of you, your vendors, and your guests so that you can enjoy life’s great events.